the floor

[Post New]by stowell315 on Sep 22, 09 2:52 PM
how do you or what do you do to fix all of the breaks and cracks in the floors?


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[Post New]by lectricbullrider on Sep 22, 09 4:39 PM
You buy the Floor Repair Kit when it becomes available, and set it down near one of the areas that needs work. You have to buy a seperate one for each of the three spots, so make sure to watch for it in the store!

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Re:the floor

[Post New]by angelize81 on Sep 22, 09 5:18 PM
Hi stowell315 and welcome to the pond! Sorry it took so long for one of us to respond!! Here ya go!

The Hardwood Floor Damage: buy the floor repair kit from the store and use as directed. You will need one kit for each of the three damaged spots. One damaged spot will take several work cycles to repair. Children 14 and older can help.

Oops sorry lectricbullrider!

Welcome to the pond and thanks for helping!!

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[Post New]by stowell315 on Sep 24, 09 4:19 PM
thanks i know that now.

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