Special items

[Post New]by StephKBJ on Oct 11, 15 12:12 PM
This maybe throughout the game but can anyone tell me what the 'special items' are? This is on the shifts info section where it says your heart score, minigame grade and Guinea pig...? Thanks!

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Re:Special items

[Post New]by bookwriter on Feb 4, 16 5:41 PM
"Special Items" in this game are what other games call "easter eggs". They are things set into the game scene from other games. An example would be in the first shift "Diagnosis" the two special items are Day 2 – Roll of gauze on floor by stack of dressing gowns and Day 4 – Emily’s diary on the counter. You just have to look for something out of place or something that stands out when you know there is a special item in that scene. Have fun!

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