Green gems

[Post New]by Sand54 on Oct 11, 15 9:01 PM
How to get the green gems in Tokyo please

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Re:Green gems

[Post New]by Trav3lbird on Oct 12, 15 7:33 PM
You will need to build the drill so you can start using your resources to buy green gems.the drill is next to level 45.

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Re:Green gems

[Post New]by grogan29 on Oct 13, 15 5:44 AM
But at the end of Tokyo you need 22 gems so how can you get that many? I have used all my resources but need 22 now to move on, they set it up so you have to buy the gems.


Re:Green gems

[Post New]by bfgGlithui on Oct 13, 15 7:53 AM
Hi everyone!

While there are optional in-game purchases in Gummy Drop! to enhance gameplay, purchases definitely aren't required in order to continue progressing through the game.

As far as the Green Gems go, those can usually be acquired by playing the Helping Hand cards, which are available after the side levels are played that lead up to those cards.

Trav3lbird is correct in that if the Green Gem Drill is built by level 45, you can trade resources to buy Green Gems from there.

Here's the link to the New Features for Tokyo section in our Gummy Drop! Tips and Tricks guide that explains more about Green Gems:

New Features for Tokyo

I hope that helps!


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