date for the dart game

[Post New]by ahmas3 on Oct 12, 15 9:17 AM
I have tried using the date 1954 when playing the dart game. Every time I try to use that number my darts just go right back on the shelf. When using the hint button it looks like it keeps trying to highligh the 2 area.

I am so frustrated because this is holding me back in the game. Please help!!!!


Re:date for the dart game

[Post New]by Bookreader9999 on Oct 12, 15 10:22 AM
It took me several tries and a couple of days to get it right. WHERE you place the darts to get the correct numbers to appear seems to be the issue. I put my cursor on the numbers to get the darts to fall in the correct position. Keep trying, you'll get it.


Re:date for the dart game

[Post New]by ahmas3 on Oct 12, 15 7:51 PM
bookreader thank you for the help. just tried again and I put my cursor on 5 and it said I was on 14. LOL will keep trying to get the date right on the board so I can go on with the game.


Re:date for the dart game

[Post New]by sblack162 on Oct 15, 15 6:55 AM
I'm having the same problem. I can manage to get the 19 sometimes, the the next 2 numbers I can't find the right position for. It's very frustrating, especially since you can't skip.


Re:date for the dart game

[Post New]by sblack162 on Oct 15, 15 8:09 AM
Nevermind. I found that it worked if I put the cursor tip very close to the side border in the white space.

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Re:date for the dart game

[Post New]by Fishpole on Oct 23, 15 7:11 PM
I've tried every which way to get this to work! AND it just won't!
I can get the number 19.......but the 5 and 4 even though the darts go on the board won't register. And I've tried putting them in different spots, lining them up, you name it!

It's a shame really....because I was enjoying the game up until this point. I really think that they should have put in a SKIP button for this puzzle.

I'm getting a little frustrated with games that aren't completely working properly but are put out anyway. It makes you leery when putting out the money for these games......"At what point will you start having problems that prevent you moving forward?"

It seems that every second game has something wrong with it.


Re:date for the dart game

[Post New]by lusted31 on Nov 9, 15 6:19 PM
This dart board is impossible to get in the right place
Ill try what people are saying to do.
better work soon or ill be complaining .
Tryed deleting and reinstalling ,that didnt do sa thing .should be a skip button on this one for sure.

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