mini game, can't get through, need last two maps

[Post New]by Kurosagg on Sep 23, 09 7:03 PM
I'm at the water world, I have collected 8 map pieces and need to solve mini games to get across the water. I'm at the second mini game, and I can't seem to get the ball in the hole. It seems impossible, there are green pits that the ball falls in, Can someone pleae help me?

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Re:mini game, can't get through, need last two maps

[Post New]by Chaorite on Nov 8, 09 8:41 AM
Sorry for the tardy reply to your posting. I'm sure that you've well and truly solved these by now but if not, or for your own reference later if so... I'll post the solutions here for you.

For the purpose of solution the code is:

N = North / Up Arrow
S = South / Down Arrow
E = East / Right Arrow
W = West / Left Arrow

The mini games work as a maze, to navigate the ball across the ice while avoiding the water traps.

The first game is thus:

W N E S W * kerplunk! *

Second game is:

S W N E N W N E S * kerplunk! *

Third game is:

E S E N E S E N W S E S W S W N E S E * kerplunk! *

Fourth game is:

W N E N E N W S W N W * kerplunk! *

Hope that helps!

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