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I thought this game was easy!

[Post New]by HonInBalto on Sep 23, 09 10:25 PM
Good lord, wait 'til you get to the ninth talisman. I wasted 5 lives playing level 61, and the game even gives you the opportunity to skip the level or restart. But nooooo, not me, I'm going to beat this thing. So guess what happened by the time I got to 65. GAME OVER! And the worst part was, it didn't send me back to level one, oh no, I have to continue playing these insane levels w/ only 3 lives! And I was up to ten or more at some point! Part of me doesn't even WANT the tenth talisman, but I know I'll keep going. No wonder my parents called me "the most pig-headed child they'd ever seen".

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