stuck on level 21

[Post New]by HappyGrammy on Oct 13, 15 2:03 AM
I've done all the scenes up to this one, it says I have opened level 22 but I can't find it, any suggestions?

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Re:stuck on level 21

[Post New]by Rumbitothecore on Oct 13, 15 3:32 AM
Hi Happy

The last location is The Fairy Glade. I think you can open it at level 21. But once that is opened and all the quests have been completed, there are only the achievements to do.... if you can be bothered.

Note: some of the achievements are impossible to get eg search a location x amount of times, because they have stuck on the 2nd level award & don't count further searches... well at least they have for me!

Hope this sort of answers your question.

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