Saved Profiles ???

[Post New]by xmtony on Sep 12, 08 9:22 AM
Dear friends,
Where is Saved Profiles ?
For example, I changed a computer, but i need to continue my game.


Re:Saved Profiles ???

[Post New]by Kellerman on Nov 2, 13 3:18 AM
I have the same problem. I also wonder if I can save my profile and stop starting again and again. That is so frastrated to restart again and again.It confused me many days and I found it impossible to play where you have been through if you change your computer or the device is broken or something else. I have been like this for 4 times,. What made me feel so werid is that everytime I created the profile, I found that my former profile seemed to be existed but I just can't log in with that. Is there anyone who can tell me how to save my profile and how to sign in with different profiles?

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