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Haven't received commission from the pharoah for quarry on Mission 2

[Post New]by nanekochan on Sep 25, 09 10:22 PM
Hi, I have earned lots of money, have built and upgraded on every lot to maximum (Level 3), have changed the balance of worker's houses to townhomes, have relocated my buildings, have trained workers, bought materials, used the amulet, and have met all the other goals, except of course building the Temple of Isis, but I still haven't gotten the commission to build the quarry from the emperor. What am I missing? I haven't tried one of this type of game before. Thanks.

Edit the next day:
Well since I wrote this message I exited the game, and went back in--the same situation existed. So then I started a new game and when I got to the same point, I got stuck for the same reason again. Then I waited until the next day to continue where I left off and this time, even though I had 6 townhomes upgraded to level 3, the stats showed I had 0 of 2 upgraded townhomes. So I demolished 2 of my townhomes and rebuilt and reupgraded them, and once again I had met my goal of 2 upgraded (to level 3) townhomes. But still no commission.
(Worker hut stats were still OK.)

I'm beginning to think, looking at all the messages in the forum, that there are a lot of bugs but no 2 people have the same one.

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Re:Haven't received commission from the pharoah for quarry on Mission 2

[Post New]by robin94122 on Sep 26, 09 10:02 PM
On that level, it only countw if you BUILD the townhouse from scratch,you can't just buy one.

If you buy a blue one, even though it changes to red, you actually have to demolish it and then rebuild it or it won't count.

I don't think it's a bug, I think it's that the instructions just aren't clear that they want you to build them, not just own them.

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