Developers Tool kits please

[Post New]by AyeKCB on Oct 15, 15 8:56 AM
Have you ever wondered why developers create these detective characters for us to play who go into their investigation without a knife, a gun or even a small flashlight or screwdriver? Look besides my cellphone having a flashlight, I have a tiny flashlight on my key chain.
If i were realistically planning on going to investigate something in some God forsaken place, I would not go ballistic like Lara Croft and carry an armory with me but i would at least go with my badge/permit along with a flashlight and a knife.
What with these games having detectives constantly looking for a knife to cut something, Then they find a very good knife with a sheath, they take out the knife use it and then toss it and go looking for a knife again a moment later. I do not expect them to carry an axe or shovel or crowbar but please would a basic knife and flashlight be too much?
This is becoming like kindergarten and ever so tedious and tiresome.
Man they need to give me a tool kit or better yet a Lara Croft type detective
Developers enough already. I even stopped posting reviews because my frustration would make me trash an otherwise good game.

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