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Tokyo Level 27

[Post New]by MsTree on Oct 15, 15 2:33 PM
I'm stuck on the Intern level of Tokyo-27. I've tried three different times for a total of nine lives (meow!), but I can't get past one souvenir exploding before it drops. I can get one, but not the other. Of course, the sand doesn't help. Is there a way to disarm the souvenirs so they don't explode and will allow me a little more time to make matches?

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Re:Tokyo Level 27

[Post New]by kisykiss on Oct 15, 15 10:55 PM
For me I had to use the color bomb boost to get past this level. It took me several tries but I was finally able to get them to clear the correct rows where the souvenirs were to drop them all the way down. I hope this helps you.

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