Day 28

[Post New]by gamegirl007 on Sep 26, 09 9:30 PM
I've been playing day 28 for the past 28 days it seems! No matter how I play, I get shut down! Has anyone else had this problem?


Re:Day 28

[Post New]by grannyjen1 on Dec 1, 09 8:00 PM
yup im frustrated too, 14 days stuck at day please lol

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Re:Day 28

[Post New]by msmeesh on Jan 17, 10 7:41 AM
grannyjen1 wrote:yup im frustrated too, 14 days stuck at day please lol

I've passed it with 4 stars but re-played to get five. It's all in the timing. You have to make sure your orders don't get backed up in the kitchen, even if it means customers wait. Getting your orders up with all dishes as close to 00 with no more than 01 between them is key. The food preparation weighs heavy on the score as customers have more patience if the food is cooked perfectly.

What specific problems are you having? I hope you've got passed it by now without giving up.


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Re:Day 28

[Post New]by vibtek on Sep 30, 11 2:10 PM
One thing I have found out if you don't keep the orders even and from burning you won't get very far. If the computer doesn't process fast you get into trouble.
I love the game . but it takes practice!

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