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Dark Romance 3: The Swan Sonata Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Oct 17, 15 12:29 AM
Your wedding day goes dark.. and your fiancée has no idea who's behind it all. You've come to seek your grandmother's blessing to marry a kind prince, but his very own court magician attacks! In this exciting continuation of the Dark Romance legacy, recapture your place beside your beloved prince... When you're not playing as him, that is. This game's unique feature shows there are two sides to every story. Enjoy gorgeous fantasy HOPs in fractured object, list, morphing, and interactive styles, too! The Collector's Edition version is chock full of extras: find feathers to spend on items in your boudoir, collect statuettes, look for pieces of a stained-glass window puzzle, gather notes, and more!

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Re:Dark Romance 3: The Swan Sonata Collector's Edition

[Post New]by mrm2006 on Oct 17, 15 10:25 AM
Based on both the Beta and CE demos.

Prince Sigfried would wander through his Palace Garden. One day, he met the lovely Odette. He gave her a red rose and asked for her hand in marriage. Everyone rejoiced! Until .........................

The music was very 'soft and lilting' ..... actually made me sleepy after a while. Graphics were old school fantasy. Sound fx well done. Click on everything is my best advice - lol - I made flowers bloom jusy clicking on a bush!

Casual/Advanced/Hardcore/Custom Difficulties.

HOGs were varied ....... from interactive silhouettes to FRAGS and more ..... there is an alternate Match 3 game if you prefer. I enjoyed the M3 myself! lol Mini Games were quite fun and almost all new and fresh.

You have an interactive map, a task list and the ability to change into your alter-ego (just kidding!). You do have the ability to change characters ..... from the dashing Prince to the sweet Odette and back again.

CE Bling: In addition to the usual fare, there are:
* Finding feathers (sometimes more than 1 per scene) to be used to upgrade your Boudoir
* Collecting notes (is this part of the SE as well?)
* Collect statuettes
* Collect stained glass pieces

Although this appears to be CE worthy, and after playing the Beta I was absolutely sure this would be a purchase for me. However, after the CE demo my feelings towards this game were much more ...... bleh.

The storyline was true romance at its best. A cast of interesting characters, fun games and the ability to switch characters. Find me preparing for my character's wedding ..... but when you find me ........... WHICH character will I be?????



Re:Dark Romance 3: The Swan Sonata Collector's Edition

[Post New]by shelterhill on Oct 17, 15 10:31 AM
I really liked the look of it, but can't play because it doesn't fill the screen, really pissed of because there hasn't been a game like this in a while, I like the brightness and colors.. Oh, another bummer

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