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morphing objects......

[Post New]by judy76073 on Oct 17, 15 10:48 PM
alas, I missed several morphing objects......... I have completed the main & bonus games - doesn't appear to be an opportunity to go back and find the morphing objects - short of re-playing the entire game - or am I missing something ??

I got all the cards (only 13) - but I know I didn't get all the morphs. I really like when the developer lets us go back and get what we missed. can't do it for this game.


Re:morphing objects......

[Post New]by CherylParker on Oct 18, 15 10:41 PM
In the main game there are morphing objects in every scene. 19 altogether.
In the bonus chapter there are also morphing objects in every scene. 8 altogether.
There are also Chimeras only in the main game in every scene. Those also morph. 19 of those also.

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