Help! Product Street #7 - Farm Frenzy 2

[Post New]by Qcraze on Sep 12, 08 8:01 PM
Ok - Product Street #7 is the only level I CANNOT get a gold!!! (boo hoo me) I am looking for any tips anyone might be willing to share

This is the level where you have to get 1 cake and 1 packaged bacon in 2:30 - ya get no money to start with and 5 chickens, 3 dogs and tons of bears falling on you left and right.

I keep trying different strategies - but none are working. Can anyone give me some tips?


Re:Help! Product Street #7 - Farm Frenzy 2

[Post New]by mirjam_1984 on Sep 13, 08 4:48 AM
uhm this is the forum part fot the feeding frenzy. i had the same problem i wanted to go to feeding frenzy but instead i went to farm frenzy.
you might need to go to the right part off the forum to get responds.
i wish you good luck finishing the level.



Re:Help! Product Street #7 - Farm Frenzy 2

[Post New]by Zipster123 on Jul 26, 09 12:02 PM
LoL, nice guys. Try the other forum though like mirjam_1984 said.

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