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Ashley Clark: The Secrets of the Ancient Temple

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Oct 20, 15 12:29 AM
Detective Ashley Clark was sent to investigate another incident at an zoo. This time, the victim was a security guard, likely killed by an animal. During her investigation, she discovers a mysterious world full of dangers. Play the detective and help Ashley unravel the mysteries of an ancient temple.

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Re:Ashley Clark: The Secrets of the Ancient Temple

[Post New]by Radgame on Oct 16, 16 2:11 PM
I enjoyed this one despite the slight frustration at lack of instructions (or unclear) for mini-games/ puzzles. With some puzzle skips, it took me about 4 hours on Easy mode. If you happen to be a genius or are extremely patient (both don’t describe me at all!) and play on harder modes, this game could be pure fun. Mostly because it’s all game with no bells and whistles.

Graphics are decent enough with animations & dialogues kept to a minimum. Not a compelling story but, I couldn’t care less as game play was solid. You have 20-ish hints to begin and collecting a big battery (hard to miss) in each scene adds a hint. Directional hints don’t reduce the total, so, you never run out of hints. Skip charges fairly quickly. What made it easier was the transport map (inside journal/ diary) that shows the next task – honestly, I couldn’t have survived without it for all that back-and-forth.

Lots of HOPs (list & silhouette), mini-games & puzzles and few actual tasks (no missing zipper pulls!). I just wish the puzzle solutions were shown after skip…..some of them were so interesting and different. Or even a WT to see how-to solve them.

Overall, a great game for a rainy day.

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