I'm sad because

[Post New]by Catlover612 on Oct 20, 15 6:26 PM
I spent all day today on my IPad playing my game--yes, I have no life
I only needed 4 more pumpkins for my witch avatar, and one more item to craft the black cat.
You guessed it--- my game shut down and I lost all my progress of the day.
This happened a lot a few months ago but I got it fixed and it has been fine since--til today.
Just venting--- this setback sure won't stop me from playing this game. I love it

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Re:I'm sad because

[Post New]by wishtar on Oct 20, 15 7:09 PM
Oh Cat, that is so depressing. Please use this icky thing as a learning tool exit out often to save your progress!! At least every 1/2 hour. That way if something happens the loss is easier to handle. Once again so sorry..Have some ice cream!


Re:I'm sad because

[Post New]by Catlover612 on Oct 20, 15 7:14 PM
LOL---- I am here clicking away, trying to get back a little of what I lost today.
And you are right, I am closing the game out periodically --just in case.
Ice cream breaks

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Re:I'm sad because

[Post New]by Welsh_wizard23 on Oct 21, 15 8:36 AM
So sorry to hear this. I lost about 5 hours on PC with loads of pumpkins collected.
It had never happened to me before.

Trouble is when I am busy playing I do forget to close the game and come back. Just got to keep clicking away.
I hope it isn't too long for you to make up the lost ground.

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