under the fountain

[Post New]by galiem on Sep 30, 09 8:26 AM
what do I do with the keys? Have tried everything and keeps directing me back to mural. DRIVING ME NUTS!!!Now I have to do all those puzzles again

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Re:under the fountain

[Post New]by Tygrepawz on May 21, 12 3:02 PM
The keys go in the slots over the fountain but the walk through has two of them reversed. I had to resort to using the hint button to make sure each was in the right place. If you haven't changed them around they should be in this order going down 1. yellow 2. green 3.red 4 orange 5 dark blue 6 light blue. If you have moved them around like I did you'll have to use the hint button to sort them out.It will highlight the key and the slot at the same time for each one.

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Re:under the fountain

[Post New]by abiekaye on Jun 9, 12 8:09 PM
If you look at the completed puzzle you will see areas indicated. Each shows a particular color. the detail of the puzzle showing the color matches the pattern on the
Related key.

can anyone tell me how to get the keys to go into the locks? Is there an order or something?

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