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Chapter 12: Prison Cell

[Post New]by bfgBering on Oct 1, 09 9:18 AM
Hi Fishies!

We're trying something a little new here to keep the game help section a bit easier to navigate. Please feel free to post any questions or tips you have for this chapter of the game here in this thread!

I would also like to let you know that we have both a Walkthrough and a strategy guide available for Puppet Show: Mystery of Joyville, which you can get to by clicking the links below.

Strategy Guide

Happy gaming !


Re:Chapter 12: Prison Cell

[Post New]by wilanderm on Oct 8, 09 12:45 PM
How do I get out of the dungon/lab area?

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Re:Chapter 12: Prison Cell

[Post New]by alywy on Oct 8, 09 6:50 PM

go through the grate on the floor

Go to: