Stuck on 3-3

[Post New]by Browneyegirl99 on Oct 2, 09 6:18 AM
I'm trying to find the hidden training mosters. The only objects that light up are the lock on the five-headed monster, the keyhole on the table and the large round object on the right. When I click on it, I'm told that I need a potion.

Can anyone help?

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Re:Stuck on 3-3

[Post New]by garf9999 on Oct 2, 09 6:31 AM
right above the dragons there is a green column. click on it, and a door opens. there's a key inside. that should help you.

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Re:Stuck on 3-3

[Post New]by RossAndrews on Oct 2, 09 11:40 AM
thank you - I was stuck here too


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Re:Stuck on 3-3

[Post New]by MURPHY on Oct 2, 09 12:32 PM
Me too...........thanks for the answer.


Re:Stuck on 3-3

[Post New]by pmager on Oct 3, 09 6:14 AM
me three.. Thanks!

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