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Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Oct 23, 15 12:29 AM
ERS Games asks you to bargain with Death in this compelling story in the bestselling Redemption Cemetery series! You've been given a test, and it's one others in the past have failed. What happens when you have to choose between saving one little girl and a trainload of passengers? Maybe turning back time isn't such a good idea after all… Enjoy collecting skulls in every scene and decorating your own cemetery in this macabre hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

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Re:Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate

[Post New]by Zurreen on Feb 9, 17 5:34 PM
I don't know whether you have seen my post, but I am thoroughly frustrated. I like to play games in the hardest possible mode, because I like challenges. I also like to get all the achievements. In this case, however, a glitch actually *prevents* me from getting an achievement which would have been a piece of cake otherwise. Specifically, this achievement requires you to do the Letters T and H puzzles in Hard mode. No problem. As I said, I love to play in hard mode anyway. But the problem is that these puzzles don't work in Hard mode! You see, the various pieces of each letter in each of the two puzzles are supposed to attach to each other when you put them in the correct positions. They do so in the Casual mode (piece of cake), but NOT in the Hard mode. I have already played both the main game and the bonus chapter once, and am replaying the main game to get the achievements I didn't get the first time. But I see no way of getting this particular achievement because of the glitch. So please respond ASAP since I really would like to finish with this game now, but I do so want to be able to get this achievement before I finish. Specifically, do you have a patch you could send me???


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