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Picnic Table 6

[Post New]by strilf on Oct 2, 09 9:16 AM
Ok, I know this is a really old game and everything, but I still love it... However, I have a MAJOR problem with the above mentioned level.

Am I really the only one who's too stupid to figure out how to get a gold medal on that level? I've searched high and low for any kind of solution, but none are to be found.

Can anyone help? Please?

Thank you in advance


Re:Picnic Table 6

[Post New]by mrspockfan on Nov 26, 09 2:52 PM
I recently bought this game and have completed Casual and Normal mode with bronze medals. Also finally finished Endurance mode. I'm working on getting all silver medals and need to complete 3 more levels.

I barely made it to silver on Picnic Table 6. Since you are working on getting gold medals, can you share any tips or hints that worked for you. I have 22 gold levels so far and will attempt to get all gold after I get my last 3 silver medals. Thanks.

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Picnic Table 6

[Post New]by AKOP on Dec 27, 09 9:22 PM
I too love this game, it is a great stress releaser. I too am having trouble with this level. I did it once but have no idea how I did it. I think it has something to do with the order in which to "eat" the items. But I have had no luck, so if anyone has any suggestions, I too would like to know. Thanks.


Re:Picnic Table 6

[Post New]by mrspockfan on Jan 8, 10 8:20 PM

I finally made gold on this level, but only after many tries and luck. I have not been able to duplicate the results as yet. I did email the developer previously and his answer is below.


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Sorry, I can't think of any other tips. I assume that you have figured out the fastest way to get to mouse-eating size (probably eating the dice at the bottom and then the dominoes and blocks in the middle-left)? If you are doing everything else correctly, then it largely comes down to luck. I probably made the times on this level a bit too hard.

The fact that it relies so much on luck is bad... If I were making a Tasty Planet sequel, I would design the levels in such a way to minimize the amount of luck involved in getting a good time.

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Re:Picnic Table 6

[Post New]by sdurrie on Oct 17, 10 12:29 PM
And how about that... they did create a sequel called Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds. I was too excited about the creative new levels to see the type of medals I got on each (also didn't check to see if there were at all.) so not much help, but .... do check it out if you enjoyed the game

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