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Invisible ink/letter

[Post New]by west644 on Oct 23, 15 10:40 AM
This has been addressed before, but I still cannot find a conclusion. I have made the invisible ink. I have a desk with a quill with a bottle of blue liquid with an octopus sign on it. I can pick up the quill and wave it around, BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!! I have read in another discussion that I should use the stamp, or click on the quill and the bottle, but NOTHING HAPPENS!! I have the typewriter in my collection, (I have not yet got all the coloured stones, I still need the purple one), I am in the process of making the mason's sign. But I can't seem to be able to write the invisible letter. Maybe there is something else I need? Maybe there is something I am not doing correctly, but please, can someone help me? !!!


Re:Invisible ink/letter

[Post New]by QueenB0401 on Oct 24, 15 9:16 PM
Hit the HINT button and see if it directs you to something. I've long since passed this point, and I don't really remember the specifics of it all, but usually hitting HINT gives me something to do.

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