Barre in the dance studio

[Post New]by bearshine on Oct 23, 15 9:36 PM
The drill will not unscrew the barre no matter what I do. I have tried and tried. Any advice?


Re:Barre in the dance studio

[Post New]by spiritlaughing on Feb 8, 16 2:15 PM
I have not even been able to get that far. I uninstalled and reinstalled to get the updated version, because I could not get the game to work on the tree where you had to move the green tiles to the left and the pink to the right. Then it was still stuck. So I came back in and started over with a new name. Now I cannot get the suitcase in the director's office to open. Have the right code entered 2964 but it will not open.

I am totally fed up. This is a collector's edition and all I am collecting is frustration. It's not worth it. A game should be fun, enjoyable, not a headache!

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