Cake Mania 3

[Post New]by ldypenlpe on Oct 3, 09 10:51 AM
I can't work the "pretty button" to unfrost a cake. Any ideas? I push the multi colored one on the left of the frosting machine but nothing happens!! Thanksa

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[Post New]by nita797 on Oct 3, 09 1:55 PM
You can only do it once per level on each frosting machine.


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[Post New]by bakemeacake on Oct 13, 09 1:58 PM
Does anyone have the "fix" for my situation?

I have the fastest possible oven froster combo, cookies, tv, 2 tier cake display, winged shoes, and I know about the crystal ball and serving Robin hood first, but on the English cottage level I am stuck not being able to pass day 2.

Anyone know how to make that last $10 that it takes to get the level passed?

Help me.....


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[Post New]by dianaincognito on Apr 27, 10 8:30 AM
Purchase the phone. DON'T click on it during gameplay. Let it ring. Wait until the shop is closed AND you have one last customer's money left on the counter. Restock your fridge (if you have one - very important upgrade to have), THEN click on the phone and it will give you one more cake order. Fill the order.

Make sure fridge is restocked with the most expensive cakes (2 tiers with the volcano topper is the most expensive), click the phone for the order --- remember it won't be ringing but will still give you an order --- fill final phone cake order --- then pick up final payment that was laying on counter. VOILA!

(in early stages of game, if you purchased the phone, sometimes the phone WON'T ring - thus, the 'click the phone after shop is closed' trick won't work. Phone must have rung during regular gameplay ... do NOT answer it ... leave it until after the shop is closed and then click on it!)

Hope this helps!

P.S.: For those of you who don't know ... the 'cake display' upgrades to the fridge - a two and three cake fridge.

With all upgrades, you want to save money to upgrade to the highest upgrade possible, otherwise you're wasting money - FOR EXAMPLE: let's say total upgrade for gold for 'item X' is $3000 - you purchase the 1st upgrade at $500, 2nd upgrade at $1000, 3rd upgrade at $2000, and finally 4th upgrade at $3000 --- over time, you've spent $6,500 ... OR you can upgrade all at once for $3000 ... spend wisely or you're wasting money and increasing your frustration! In regards to the fridge, if you can only upgrade to a two cake rather than a three cake fridge - that's better than just having the display. DO IT!!! The fridge is a VERY valuable and wise upgrade!!!

P.S.S.: Also note, the 'trick' of clicking the menu before game ends, save game, continue, etc., to accumulate money ONLY works with the earlier vs. 1.001. If you've upgraded to vs. 1.004 so that you can purchase and play the expansion packs ... unfortunately, this neat little trick of accumulating money will NOT work with vs. 1.004. I've had both versions and have played CM3 dozens of times. Won it dozens of times. Unfortunately, they've fixed that little 'glitch/trick' from the earlier version to the newer version. Just FYI in case you're wondering if there is something wrong with your game/computer. There isn't. It's the version - they caught and fixed that little glitch. (The phone one still works, tho!)

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