[Post New]by bradjsmith on Sep 13, 08 7:15 PM
when I buy a new recipe, it won't put it on the menu. is there a way to put the high priced items that I've bought on the menu?



[Post New]by Spiders007 on Sep 14, 08 3:56 PM
I'm having this problem too! It seems like sometimes it will add the recipes once you get to a much higher level. I sent tech support a message about it cause they may have screwed it up when they re-released the version on the 11th?



[Post New]by Ckat219 on Oct 2, 08 4:25 PM
i uninstalled and then reinstalled the game, and it appears to have fixed the problem (yea!!!)

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[Post New]by AnnBy on Oct 2, 08 6:43 PM
I had completed it before the updated version. I haven't gotten too far this time round. Have too many other games I'm trying to get through.

I hope it's not a problem with the new version. It wasn't a problem in the old one.

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