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Is the beginning of this game out of synch?

[Post New]by Robsim on Oct 25, 15 11:03 AM
Is it me or does it seem that the game's beginning is out of order? It starts out with you (Ashley) in front of the Manager and the deceased guard. However, moving along, you eventually have to leave the zoo to go to your car to use your (mobile?) microscope. Then, upon re-entering the zoo, you come across another guard (Ben?) who says, "The manager can tell you more" (or some such statement) and proceeds to want to play cards???? Shouldn't this game have started out at the entrance to the zoo (where your car is), you enter and talk to Ben (sans the card playing at the moment) and THEN meet up with the manager?

I thought it might have been a programming glitch, so I restarted the game under a new profile, only to find it to begin in front of the manager again. Seems that the order of events got mixed up in the beginning of the game. JMO!!

Happy gaming!!

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