Master Dectective Mode

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Oct 25, 15 7:12 PM
I read here somewhere in this forum that this mode of play is extremely hard and it is timed. It is supposed to be completed in 5 hours. Can someone who has completed the game in this mode please share if this is in fact the case. I am considering playing it in the Master Detective Mode because I missed 1 puzzle piece and the achievements for completing a hidden object scene and a full screen mini game/puzzle in 1 minute each and of course the achievement for completing the game in the Master Detective Mode. I am obsessive about getting all the achievements so I was just wanting to know what the Master Detective Mode was like and if you get any black bar hints and if there is a skip or hint option in the hidden object scenes or mini games and the complicated multi level puzzles. If you don't complete the game in 5 hours does it give you the achievement anyway?? Can you skip or use hints because if you can't I don't see me actually accomplishing the completion of the entire game in 5 hours. Besides I already have all the other achievements and being able to skip or use hints without forfeiting those achievements would certainly speed things along. Anyway if you can comment regarding my queries please do. Thanks.

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