too easy?

[Post New]by robin2000 on Oct 5, 09 7:13 AM
I appreciate all those who posted that they found this too easy. However remember all us chicks started out in an egg shell first and had to do a bit of work before getting out to be old chucks. I know that eyesight has been one of my main problems, Luckily to balance that with a failing memory too I can happily go through a puzzle at least three times before I start to recall where everything is, So Clap, clap whoever makes up these entertaining pieces, I like crawling before i run and will never get in the einstein bracket,
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Re:too easy?

[Post New]by angelize81 on Oct 5, 09 10:06 AM
Hi robin2000 and welcome to the pond!! Just wanted to give you a big old and say I hope to see you more often!

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