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Maximizing Popularity (Contains "Spoilers")

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Oct 5, 09 11:02 AM
If you believe figuring out mechanisms is part of this game, and want no help with what the tutorials leave obscure, close this post now. From your PoV, there are hints followed by spoilers below.

But I believe the game should have made all below--"Spoilers" as well as Hints--explicit .


1. In the lower left-hand corner, the little gold loving-cup icon marks the current Popularity status of the mall.

Yeah, you figured that out. But isn't it stupid that the Level 3 tutorial doesn't ever point at the cup, even while it depends on the number next to it? And it gets worse.

2. In the lower-right section with the data on each Store, Entertainment, and Enhancement, the cup marks the initial popularity you get from building (or in the case of Security, just buying) it. But see the first Spoiler below.


Misstated Data. In the lower-right section, the Popularity you get from Enhancements is misstated by 1 point. So you get 4 points, not 5, for an Elevator; 4 points for building an Info booth--and yes, this means that spending $20,000 for Security does NOT add a point to mall Popularity! So Security's only purpose is meeting the goal on the single Level where it's required. (I figure the security contractor must be one of those that ripped the U.S. off in Iraq, but I can't explain the other 2 errors. Just bugs)

General Principle. As the Level 3 tutorial makes clear, having too many of a Store type decreases its Popularity and income. But you are never told that having exactly enough of a type increases Popularity.

When you have the optimum number of Stores, the Popularity of each store increases by 1.

For a Store with no upgrades, 2 becomes 3. The Level 1 tutorial would have been a perfect time to point that out, when you're directed to build the 3rd Clothing Store. But even if you notice the unexpectedly large increase in Popularity, you're not told why.

This also applies on top of upgrades. So for a 3-star Clothing Store, its Popularity is 6 instead of 5. Etc.

Optimums. As implied above, for Clothing Stores the optimum number is 3. For the Department Store (the last type unlocked) it's 1, and the General Principle can't apply. For all other Stores, you reach critical mass at 2.

The principle applies only to Stores. Entertainments are 1 each. The malls that Kelly's working with (and later, wings of a larger mall) apparently aren't big enough to support 2 Restaurants, let alone 2 Movies.

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Re:Maximizing Popularity (Contains "Spoilers")

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Oct 5, 09 1:56 PM
Trade-off. When you're trying to increase Popularity, the cheaper the Store, the faster and cheaper the upgrades. Of course it does less for your income than upgrading somethjing more expensive.

Note that the maximum (3-star) Popularity of the Restaurant and Bowling Alley is 7, and for the Movie Theatre and the Arcade is 14 and 11 respectively, but upgrading especially the last two is slow and expensive.

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Re:Maximizing Popularity (Contains "Spoilers")

[Post New]by goldendreamer on Dec 5, 09 3:28 AM
I have finally, after many frustrating tries, have completed this game!!!!!!!

These tips were a huge help, but what I also discovered was that, in the levels where popularity was key (the levels I was having the most trouble on), 2 of the smaller shops (clothing, jewellery, shoes etc) are worth more than double the popularity points of a single shop with 2 facings. A small shop will be worth 5 pop. points, and a bigger shop will only be worth 6 or 7 points. Therefore, 2 smaller shops are worth 10 points where you would've had only 6 points.

This is how I completed this game, every level on expert!

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