If I buy this game here...?

[Post New]by angelisis7 on Oct 5, 09 1:16 PM
If I buy the game here at Big Fish Games, will I be able to play it for tokens and or badges on pogo? What I mean to say is, if I recall correctly, this is a Pogo game, so if I buy it anywhere other than pogo, will I not be able to play for pogo tokens and or badges? Actually that could be asked for all the Pogo games I see on BFG. Any help would be greatly appreciated. For it isn't even the tokens thing that is important, its the addicting badges. So I want to make sure, if I am buying games, especially ones that have something to do with Pogo, I want to get the ones I can get badges for from the right site and not own two different versions.. Sorry I babble..

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Re:If I buy this game here...?

[Post New]by Kaliarii on Jan 22, 10 9:20 PM
Welcome to the pond, Angelisis!

This was actually a really good question, and my understanding is that Pogo badges and tokens do not transfer to ANY other site. While BFG and Pogo do work together, I believe they are separate companies, and the badges/tokens are exclusive to Pogo's site. However, you may want to verify that with BFG customer service, just to be sure. MODs are great at going through posts to answer questions to the best of their ability, but if you don't get an answer here, if you're a member of BFG's game club, there is a live chat option from your "My Account" page. You can actually ask a CS member directly there and get an answer within seconds.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. I've been a fish for awhile, and I've shopped around, so I can give pretty solid answers most of the time.

PS: I've gone ahead and sent a copy of this as a PM as well, to ensure that you get it, without having to go through the forum.

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