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Invisible Dialogue Boxes

[Post New]by djjeny on Sep 14, 08 6:47 AM
OK, so I've got 3/4 the way through the game without a hitch, and all of a sudden, on the level where my customers can buy clothes, there's no dialogue box!! Most of the other shops have mini-games you can play, all of which successfully appear when clicked on. The clothes one, however, is completely invisible. I am unable to click anywhere else once I have selected a customer wanting clothes, but if I click randomly in the centre of the screen, eventually I will manage to click something and the customer will walk away happy and I'll get my cash.


So, does anyone else have this problem? More importantly, do you know how to fix it?

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Re:Invisible Dialogue Boxes

[Post New]by csurles on Sep 15, 08 5:49 PM
I have not had this problem. I would contact BFG Customer Tech Support.
Those folks seem to be able to work miracles .

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