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HELP Please!

[Post New]by kpajak on Oct 28, 15 10:31 AM
Hi all I'm on level 24, have reached master level on all quests, but not able to go any further, any advice?????

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Re:HELP Please!

[Post New]by burf90 on Nov 3, 15 7:22 PM
You should be able to play as far as getting the storm to abate so you can leave, then it says you have to wait for updates to continue. So, once you reach a certain point, all you can do is keep playing the HOS levels over and over to reach Master level on all of them and maybe complete some of the collections, though you won't have a quest for them. I know you can't complete them all.

This game seems to have been designed like a Free-to-Play game, but converted to a one where you can earn all the items and build levels fairly quickly. So, I'm guessing that waiting for updates, in this case, means waiting for the sequel. Just a guess, though.

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