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level 40

[Post New]by kkt4451 on Oct 7, 09 2:56 AM
Just beat level 40, heres how:demolish all statues trees fountains on top. Demolish the road going across the top starting at left and stopping 1 strip before the left side of HQ.Build chateau on left side of HQ leaving the 1 strip between them. Make sure chateau is where the road used to be. immediately put china garden on left side of it a statue and park behind it and fountain and tree on right upgrade immediately to 3 stars. This property now gets you $100,000 rent. You have 2 roads coming from top of screen down to the bottom. demolish the one on the left and all trees except the last 1 on the bottom, stop at the road that goes across the bottom, you will reconnect this road with the road you left on the right after that bottom tree. At the space you created at the top put a workshop. From here its a little of luck. You need to buy 1 of the 2 chateaus that are already built. If its the 3 star your lucky if the 2 star upgrade to 3. now build chateau on bottom right demolish road under put tree& fountain under statue&park above and china garden across street. If you get chance to buy cinema anytime before now, buy it. Build chateau between cinema and china garden leaving room on left side to put tree&fountain.This can be down anytime you get a chance you need to put a workshop at the chateau thats up on the left side the 1 thats on the road connected to the 1 with the cinema, it will be on the right side in front of chateau once you have the workshop built demolish that road all the way down to the chateau below it. Once you have bought both properties you will build a china garden between them touching the top chateau. Bottom chateau gets fountain&tree beside it on right and statue behind it on the right. This works but only if you can buy 1 of the 2 chateaus early. Good luck all.

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Re:level 40

[Post New]by bowlmn on Aug 26, 12 8:12 PM
Great tip. got it trying your way on the first try. Tried a lot of Chateau's, but not with gardens.


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