how do you sell back your items

[Post New]by jade13296 on Oct 7, 09 5:52 AM
please help me i am having trouble selling back the items i have up graded and i dont seem to get cash back automatically when i do it

love the game already lol


Re:how do you sell back your items

[Post New]by okletmewin12 on Oct 7, 09 7:33 AM
hi jade, not positive as haven't played all that far into game myself but i think the sell back thing would really only be something you'd want to do if you thought you really really needed some other upgrade right away and needed the cash?

i know i sold back the cake stand planning to purchase the upgrade but when i clicked on stand again to purchase upgrade, i had to repurchase the single tray stand first, then of course didn't have enough cash left to get the larger stand ... duhhhhh me

don't know what happens with later upgrades, would assume it would default to earlier upgrade and not take it totally away? will find out later in game maybe, unless someone else knows the answer to this and jumps in to help

sorry not much info but still learning as i go, loving the learning tho lol

happy gaming!

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Re:how do you sell back your items

[Post New]by bfgEuphrates on Oct 7, 09 10:14 AM
Hi jade13296,

I ended up selling back some upgraded shoes that I had in the Cake Shop because I needed another oven. The only downside to selling things back is that you get less than what you paid for them and you'll have to pay the higher price if you need to purchase the upgrade again.

I didn't end up selling much back, but I agree with okletmewin12, that feature is set up primarily so that you can get extra money to get an upgrade you need to pass the level.

I hope this helps!


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