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Tips and Tricks for Reincarnations: Awakening!

[Post New]by bfgEuphrates on Oct 9, 09 9:09 AM
Hi Everyone,

Here are some general tips from our Blog Walkthrough (by Margie B.) to help you with game play!

* Click on the character’s icon in the lower right to see your current task list.

* Use the Navigation Arrows to move from scene to scene. The Navigation Arrows are located in the lower left corner of each scene.

* You can click on different parts of the scene to interact with them just for fun. You can touch a wind chime to hear it or press a coffee machine to see steam come out of it.

* The Diary is located in the lower left corner. You can click on it at any time to read information on current adventures or for mini-game explanations.

* Click on a hint button in any Hidden Object scene and a circle will form around the perimeter of a random item. The item the hint is pointing to is usually in the middle of the circle.

* The hints are unlimited but they need time to recharge in between uses.

Be sure to add our own tricks or tips since every player has their own secrets to success!

Happy gaming!



Re:Tips and Tricks for Reincarnations: Awakening!

[Post New]by veronique875 on Oct 10, 09 9:41 AM
My advice is to be patient at the end of each section after you get the gem. The game takes a while to build the next part.

Well worth it though, this is a great game.

Some I see have finished it really quickly but it took me a while, I only completed one and a half "past lives" during the trial period so if you are casual like me and not an intrepid hidden object expert this will last us longer than it did the experts.

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