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I purchased this game a long time ago, but I never could find a strategy that could get me anywhere close to winning. Can anyone shed any light?!



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Just farm little dragonfly's, then get (after 4 dragonfly's) 6 gryphonettes. after you have enough for hobb's, take 5 days at grimm's, selling your 6 gryphonettes for 6 more dragonfly's. after you SAVE all those eggs, go to hobb's. after selling all your pets from grimm's, buy blue dragonfly's. farm eggs for 10 days with (5) blue dragonfly's, mix all the eggs. after you get all the eggs, talk to the alchemist. mix your blue and green eggs of dragonflies first, creating tons of green dragon eggs. hatch ALL of those eggs, then use the dragons as a quick-fix. use the eggs, to make more DRAGONS. after you have 10 green dragons (its a reasonable number to take care of) just keep hatching the eggs till you make more dragons. sell those extra ones for TONS of money. repeat till u can get rosewood, AND purple dragons, =) this should get you through the game quite easily.

For more hints, tips and strategies go to Casual Game Guides ... You can find the link by doing a Google search ... Would give it to you but not allowed to post URL's on the forum ... Hope that helps ...



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I have won the game on insane (60 days) with 6 days left so it can be done.

My strategy is really easy and totally simple. When you first start the game you are given a green dragonfly. Click on the wooden stick next to the old man and click on the barrel behind him. With the coins you have by a goose and then use the rest of your money to buy food. You can ignore giving the beggar coins until you have some to spare. Complete your first day in the hatchery. Hatch all of the goose eggs you have and all but 2 of the dragonfly eggs. Sell the two eggs so that you have enough gold to buy food. (also you can click on the barrel and hopefully find food or coins. Also there will occasionally be coins next to the pet seller.) Only ever sell the dragonfly eggs. When you have 40 coins to spare purchase a gryphonette and proceed to hatch all of those eggs as well until you have 10. The goose eggs will yield more gold but you want as many geese as possible because they also randomly lay golden goose eggs. Keep hatching the goose eggs until you have 10 of them. Whenever a goose lays a golden goose egg hatch it. When you have a golden goose click the chat button of the women in the back and give her a goose. She will cook and eat the goose but it's a sacrifice you'll have to make. In return she will give you a key to the second town. Once there you will find 200 coins in an urn. You can return these to the man in the middle speaking with the woman and the woman will sell you the 2nd hatchery for 980 gold as opposed to 1400 should you choose to keep the gold for yourself. Continue playing the 1st hatchery and hatching all the golden goose eggs until you have enough gold to buy the second hatchery. Don't actually play the second hatchery unless you have purchased a rascal and a blue dragonfly. The last few times you play the first hatchery keep all of you green dragonfly eggs. These can be combined with the blue dragonfly eggs in the pet lab to create a green dragon. This strategy can be used over and over again in the 2nd hatchery and the 3rd hatchery. (I usually don't bother going to the last hatchery.

To purchase rosewood manor have 30,000 gold and speak with the old woman. She will give you the key.

If you combine red dragonfly eggs from rosewood manor with gryphon eggs you will create a ruby gryphon. If you give one of these to the man speaking with the woman he will give you the key to the 3rd town.



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I can get through the easy level but can only get to $90,000 on 2nd level
which isn't enough to buy castle/kingdom. Any hints would be appreciated.

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SAVE GAME AFTER EACH DAY!!I buy 3 dragonflies..Buy 3 grain. sell all eggs until you can purchase a griffonette. Try to hatch the griffonette eggs until you get more griffonettes. Keep selling all dragonfly eggs until you have 5 griffonettes. Then save all dragonfly eggs until you have 50. Sell Dragonflies, buy 3 geese. Hatch the griffonette eggs until you get one griffonette then sell the rest of the eggs. Sell all goose eggs except for golden eggs. Hatch all golden eggs until you get one golden goose. Give to Egg lady. Get key to next place. Sell all geese. Keep hatching griffonette eggs until you get one griffonette, sell all eggs. When you get to 7 griffonettes, hatch eggs until you get two griffonettes. Then sell all eggs. keep up to 15 griffonettes. Save money, go to 2nd town. Buy 2 blue dragonflies. buy Hobb's farm. PUrchase enough grain at all times to have 2 per pet. Buy 5 medicine. Go to Hobb's farm.

Pick up all bluedragonfly eggs, Talk to the man who has pet lab. Put together one blue dragonfly egg and one green dragonfly egg. continue until you're out of enough eggs for pet lab. Hatch the rest of the eggs until you get another dragonfly (3 total) sell all other dragonfly eggs. Buy enough grain for 3 X each pet. Hatch all green dragon eggs. Keep green dragons if you get any. check both towns for grain and money, back to Hobbs farm. After farming, go to town again, Pet Lab and put together any blue dragonfly eggs and green dragonfly eggs. Hatch them. Sell extra eggs, buy grain. Once you reach 6 dragons, sell all dragonflies, Hatch green dragon eggs until you get one, then sell the rest of the eggs. When you reach 7 green dragons, hatch the eggs until you get 2 of them, then sell the extra eggs. Get to maximum 15 (I did 12) green dragons and sell all eggs from that point on. Keep your pets alive! If they die, go back to the saved game and reload it!

Buy next farm. buy 2 red dragonflies. Buy one griffon. have enough grain for 3X each pet. Sell all green dragons. Sell all eggs. play next farm and pet lab all the dragonfly eggs with griffon eggs. Hatch ruby griffon eggs. Sell extra dragonfly eggs. keep going until you have 6 ruby griffons, then give one to guy who lost wallet. Get key to next town. as soon as you can, buy toad sword, give to guy who lost his, buy the next most expensive sword for self. Keep playing 3rd farm until you get 7 ruby griffons. Hatch them until you get 2 ruby griffons and sell the rest of the eggs. Sell all dragonflies. Keep 20 Ruby Griffons. Any time any die, go back and replay that day again. Continuing to play this one, will enable you to buy the castle, however if you like a challenge, buy the next farm. Buy 3 ice birds and play the 3rd farm until you get about 30 – 50 ice bird eggs. Go to next farm.

Buy 3 gold dragonflies. Keep all eggs. Pet lab them with ice bird eggs, get firebird. (really hard to keep all the pets alive, you can grab the bombs in air to stop them dropping on your pets.) Give ruby ring to daughter. When you get firebird eggs, hatch until you get one, then sell extras. Buy one ice griffon. (only need one of its eggs!) play a new day. give ice griffon egg to other daughter, pet lab all golden dragonfly eggs with ice bird eggs, keep hatching until you get 7 firebirds, sell all other pets (NOT firebirds!) hatch eggs until you get 2 firebirds then sell all other eggs. chat wtth guy who sells swords. He will now sell you lightning rod because you were nice to his daughters. Firebird eggs are worth 5300 each. Get 15-20 firebirds and play until you win. I had a really stressful time playing this farm, so I stuck with the 3rd farm.

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