Moving items...

[Post New]by lughug on Oct 9, 09 4:58 PM
It says that you can move the items that you purchase where ever you want ...I thought that it would help to have the flower wrapper closer to the end of the counter but I cannot get it to let me move it.

Has anyone done this and how?

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Re:Moving items...

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Oct 11, 09 6:35 PM
You can't move your items everywhere, but there are specific places each item can go to. Pick up a flower wrapper, for example, and you should be able to see where you can move it. Hover it over the location of another wrapper, for example, and you will see the blurry image change. Hover it over where the flower stand is, and nothing changes, showing you that the wrapper can't be swapped with the stand. I hope that made sense...

It was a big help for me in the earlier stages when I realised that the wrapper could be placed right next to the 'oven' (for lack of a better word). That way she doesn't have to walk very far at all!

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