match will not light candles ??

[Post New]by lovestoseek on Oct 9, 09 7:47 PM
for some reason the match will not light the candles in the mirror room..hope its not a bad game..again..

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Re:match will not light candles ??

[Post New]by Jinnare on Dec 12, 10 2:22 PM
Thought I'd post an answer to this since it's today's DD and someone else (like me ) might also have a problem with it.

Spoiler Alert:

Pick up the match from your inventory to start it burning, then drag it over the candles, and "click" with left mouse button. The click lights up the candles. So simple. So dang difficult for my brain to "figger" out this afternoon for some reason.

That is, unless you're having problems with the game running properly. If it's a tech issue, then forget I said anything.

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