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Morphing objects

[Post New]by silkywings on Nov 1, 15 2:34 PM
I can't afford the Collector's Edition of games.

I can buy the SD. Are there any Standard games that have morphing characters. It seems a lot of the fun stuff to collect and find are only in Collector's Edition.


Re:Morphing objects - sd editions

[Post New]by jessespooky on Feb 28, 16 6:11 PM
Know this is a little past time on your post. The Mystery Case Files games have SEs with morphing objects and are excellent games. They introduced us to morphs. The first couple/three did not have them but are still great games and intro to the series. I am a big fan of those games as many others are/were. Lots of stuff to do and hours upon hours of play. I am currently replaying them.

If you like collecting things like those, how about achievements and such? Lots of games with those that are Standard Edition. Or ones that you can build environments (not time management ones). A couple of fun ones are Fishdom H20 and Garden Scapes.

I would suggest that you ALWAYS demo a game before buying and look at the forum related to the game before deciding to buy. You can get an idea of what the game is like and most times what a games content has or problems that others have had. Check top right of game download page to find the link to the forum. Have problems with the game? Post it on the forum, but do not expect an answer especially if it is an older game. And also contact customer support at the bottom of every page and let them know what was wrong, maybe they can help you with fixing it, or give you a refund or game credit. Hope this helps.

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