Flower Shop Day 7

[Post New]by onlygames on Oct 11, 09 8:37 PM
I can not get to the super goal on this level. It has all the hippies coming in and they only give you $5-$7. I even gave them just a flower, multiple flowers, and flowers with ribbons, nothing increases the amount they give. And then the freeze man comes in and freezes the ones who do spend money. Can someone help me to reach the super goal?

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Re:Flower Shop Day 7

[Post New]by Kaerie on Oct 12, 09 9:54 AM
The secret to this one is volume.. you have to get them in and out as fast as possible, and keep the line moving. Don't waste your time on fancy stuff for them.. I just do a flower and a wrapper, and hand it off to them. You also need to make sure the regular customers are at full hearts before handing off their orders.

If you have 4 people left in your line when your shop closes, it's a pretty good bet that you didn't get all the customers you could have in the allotted time.

The hippies will wait at full hearts pretty much indefinitely, so when another customer shows up, take care of them first. For the frozen people, just serve the other customers until they unfreeze, and then take care of them. You don't lose any money when they're frozen, just spaces in your line (well, and it can throw you off your stride, if you don't have a plan for what to do).

Work on who you can, when you can, and get them in and out as fast as humanly possible.


Re:Flower Shop Day 7

[Post New]by pammalla on Oct 12, 09 10:42 AM
you dont even have to put the flower in a wapper for the hippy just make aney flower and hand it to them, they pay the same no matter what

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