Cake Shop - Day 20

[Post New]by tinnuvial on Oct 12, 09 4:29 AM
I can't seem to beat this level. The chef keeps morphing my customers when I've their orders nearly finished and I end up with lots of cakes I can't sell. The best I've managed is to make half of the goal amount. I've tried serving the chef first but that hasn't been very successful either. Anybody got an idea on how to beat this?

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Re:Cake Shop - Day 20

[Post New]by Kaerie on Oct 12, 09 9:47 AM
Start serving the chef first, wait for him to morph everyone, and then use the blue button on the TV to keep all the hot dogs happy while you get their cakes ready.

I find he actually simplifies matters, because I'm not scrambling to keep all of their hearts up while I get to each of them. You just have to time it so you don't start another cake until after they've been changed.

Also, make sure you aren't gathering the money as you go, until the timer alerts you that the level is almost over. I serve all four people, gather up 3 piles of money for the rush bonus points, and then leave the last and start on the next three. That allows you to control who can morph/freeze/etc people in the line while you finish up. (Which doesn't work when the thief is in town, unless he's separated from other thieves by other customers, and you get rid of him first.)

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