Can't remember name of a game

[Post New]by seamare12 on Nov 3, 15 3:26 PM
I posted this in this forum because you have to pick a game to ask a question I guess. I played this game a few years ago, but can't remember what it was called. Here's what I remember:

At the beginning, you are showing up at this place; a hospital or something, and you are with a guy (brother? co-worker?) and he goes inside but the door shuts and you have to find a way in. I remember that you have to search all over the building for him, and a part where you have to open a newspaper machine to get something inside.

At the end some people are about to get away in a helicopter, and you see the guy and his eyes have gone funny and dark and you realize that he has become like the bad people you were trying to solve a mystery about.

Sorry this is so vague, but I hope somebody can remember a game with those elements in it.

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