Cake Mania Main Street

[Post New]by tinamp3 on Oct 12, 09 2:29 PM
HELP... Totally stuck in the Flower Shop on day 11! Can't get past it, but have come close. Any suggestions? THANKS!

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Re:Cake Mania Main Street

[Post New]by bfgEuphrates on Oct 12, 09 4:30 PM
Hi tinamp3,

Have you upgraded your shoes and the flower machine? Those are the two most helpful upgrades that I completed, so I'd suggest upgrading those first. I also used the cookies a lot to keep my patrons happy.

If that doesn't help though, you may find some more assistance in the full game forum for Cake Mania Main Street. I've gone ahead and moved this thread on over there for you, so just a heads up!

Happy gaming!


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