Haunting Mysteries The Island of Lost Souls Could have been great game but!!!

[Post New]by beaudaciousdldy on Nov 4, 15 7:57 AM
Hi Fishies,

I bought this game after playing the Demo as we are supposed to. I had played the whole Demo too. When it downloaded after purchase, my Demo Profile was still there. I continued to play for about 1/2 the game and shut it down. When I next continued the game I noted that the original Profile was gone so I entered a new one expecting to start all over again. However, the game put me right where I had left off, most unusual. I played some and then the PC (win 7) shut off. When I rebooted the game would not load. the screen was black and the cursor would show up inside a square in the center of the screen, nothing else. I did all the things recommended by support, reload, remove from control panel, reload BFG Manager, reload game, still nothing. I do hope that it did not hurt my PC.

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