IMHO...this should win " GAME OF THE YEAR "...Sooooo AWESOME!!!!

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Nov 4, 15 3:53 PM
Just purchased this, I am way behind I know, but this GEM, took my breath away, with it's AWESOMENESS and beyond WOW moments, OMG its so GREAT!!!

This is the most innovative game, I've ever played on the BF site, these developers are truly BRILLIANT, and the work that they put into this is MIND BLOWING .
I just kept saying, OMG...really, WOW and SWEET...the cool factor in this one, is off the charts, talk about entertaining and fun, it was a total BLAST from beginning to end and and and last but not least a true gift from these developers!!!
I no I am so late that nobody will read this, but I am hoping the developers will, so they know, just how much I LOVED IT .
The graphics on my computer LOOKED so good, loved going through the pink and purple tunnel, in the beginning of the bonus game, had to end there for dinner, but can't wait to finish it, will probably get up in the middle of the night tonight, to continue...LOL!!
If I could list every single thing that I loved about this game, it would take pages, there are so many special things, in this game.
I can't afford collector editions anymore, but after saving my game club credits, for 2 months, this is the CE that I decided, to use them on, and SO HAPPY with my choice, it is the BEST game I've played in a very L-O-N-G time !!
If like me, your limited on funds, I highly recommend this CE !!

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Re:IMHO...this should win " GAME OF THE YEAR "...Sooooo AWESOME!!!!

[Post New]by Howatch on Nov 5, 15 11:23 AM
You made a great choice for a CE - this game is on my top three favorite HOPAs for this year. I loved everything about it, and I'm so glad you are enjoying it. This is a game that I am sure I will replay in the future.

Happy gaming.

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