Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by Celicagamer on Oct 13, 09 10:03 AM
I know there are a lot of posts on this but none of them are specific enough for the devs to fix it. so since i was a professional bug tester, here is a more detailed description of what is happening.

i have updated all of my drivers and software.

i am running windows XP

the freeze happens most when going from shop to town. very rarely will it just go from shop to town.

my most recent issue has been with the sushi shop. every level i try to go to town and the game will lock up. the music still plays but after a few rounds of the wait timer graphic, the graphic will freeze and the game is completely unresponsive as well as my computer. the user cannot alt+tab out of the game or control+alt+del to bring up the end program feature. the computer must be rebooted by holding down the power button. as most of you know this is very bad to do to windows as it will cause your computer to lose information and possibly corrupt the OS. rendering your PC useless. please fix this bug for the users because if this causes my pc to break ill be coming after you. it seems that most of these games are very sloppily programmed i have run into a lot of issues lately with the screen resolution and aspect ratio of almost every other game on bigfish. i paid for this game and expect it to run right.

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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by barbieh11 on Oct 13, 09 2:53 PM
I've crashed so much in this game that I want a refund. I hate that because it is a lot of fun.


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by barbied011 on Oct 16, 09 8:16 PM
I'm so glad to see a forum post on this. I've done everything. Updated my drivers and reinstalled the game. I love this game but I can't play without a game crash. As long as I stay within one place it is fine but as soon as I move from a shop to town my game dies.

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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by iluvmycats63 on Oct 16, 09 8:52 PM
I feel your pain I have played all the cake games on 1 hour demos and they all did that to me I just figured it was my old computer now I see thru you its the game Thanks because I almost bought the new one . I hope it gets worked out I hope you will keep posting updates on it, to see if they fix it or not and take care


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by angieq327 on Oct 17, 09 4:52 PM
Amen, I get to finish a level when I go on to the next game freezes up. Please fix this or I want my money back.


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by Valori76 on Oct 18, 09 8:04 AM
Me too, I have bought nearly a hundred games from BigFish, I love them, but I have uninstalled and this game keeps crashing and freezing. It is very frustrating, especially to the kids who aren't as patient and don't understand why I can't just fix it for them.


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by Cattriona on Oct 20, 09 12:09 AM
barbieh11 wrote:I've crashed so much in this game that I want a refund. I hate that because it is a lot of fun.

I agree with this -- I've crashed, frozen and even gotten an error message in the less than 2 hours since I've been playing. All my updates are in place. The game isn't playable for me -- please return my credit so I can get a game I can play.

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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by mel77 on Oct 20, 09 6:43 PM
I'm pretty upset with the same thing crashes every level ...I want my money back as well and I have yet to ever request that!

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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by dlindab on Oct 28, 09 3:31 PM
Got almost everything upgraded in town. Now, when I try to go to town, the game freezes. The first few times, I just hit the off button and re-booted. This time, I tried the "suspend mode" button on the keyboard and it worked. Shut the game down without re-booting the computer.
Hope this helps some folks.
Don't know what's going on at BFG. In the last six months or so, the forums are full of complaints about game bugs and hideously slow download speeds.
And it seems to be getting worse as time goes on.


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by happylabs717 on Oct 29, 09 3:17 PM
Freezing on me too when I go from a shop to a town or try to start in a new shop after opening the game. They better fix this quick or I am wanting a refund too. How FRUSTRATING!!! Don't they check these games before they make them available to us?!?


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by bananie on Oct 31, 09 10:03 AM
My game doesn't freeze, it just distorts. I can still play the game but the graphics are all distorted. It happens after I've been playing it awhile. I usually just quit and go back again later.


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by Bradpittswife on Nov 4, 09 2:00 PM
Thought it was something I was doing wrong! I too am experiencing the same freezing, usually when I go from a shop back to the town- It's a complete pain!


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by whatever1605 on Nov 10, 09 11:05 AM
I'm having the same problem. The game is fine until I upgrade one of the shops (and sometimes I can't even get to an upgrade possibility), and then my computer freezes right up and Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't even work. I have loads of games and also use my desktop for editing videos and other intensive software, so it's not my computer. So unfortunately, even though I liked this game, I've had to remove it and I obtained a refund for my purchase.

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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by walkers on Nov 12, 09 8:21 AM
it's driving me mad!!!! I love playing this game but I'm annoyed with having to re-start my computer every 3 levels or so. I've done everything that has been suggested and have contacted big fish but nothing has been done! They just keep suggesting the things I've already tried!


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by SonnyPoo on Nov 21, 09 9:45 PM
I am also having serious issues with the game crashing. I am able to go to the task manager and shut it down but its way too ofter that I have to do that.
I will get a refund.

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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by summerof69 on Nov 22, 09 3:06 PM


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by gretchen_wright2 on Dec 8, 09 6:49 PM
I am also having the same problem!! I can't stand it! The game is good, I just can't play it! VERY ANNOYING!!!!!


Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by kolguin on Jan 3, 10 12:44 AM
mine does the same grrr.....what do we do?

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by BBnEB on Jan 28, 10 11:06 AM
I have windows vista home premium computer and just bought this game yesterday,after while it was freezing and going blurry.I read that you have to change the compatability and when i clicked the game icon on the desktop and hit properties it was not there so this is what to do

you're supose to right click on the game icon on the desktop then click Open file location

The file will have a photo of the game at the bottom and random letters like xvnjjvh and the type will say Application . Size will be 1,942 kb Right click on this file and click Properties

Click compatibility tab

Check the box- Run this program in compatability mode for: Window XP (Service Pack 2) it works best for vista.

Check the Disable visual themes

Check Disable desktop composition

Click Apply and Ok

Now my game runs fine! I thought there was no hope! Hope this helps someone

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Re:Game crashing/freezing

[Post New]by bfgZambezi on Jan 28, 10 2:06 PM
Hey Fishies!

I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble that's been reported with Cake Mania Main Street. If you're experiencing a game crash or slow load times, it might help to double check that your DirectX and display drivers are up to date.

The following help article will walk you through this process:

Frequent Crashing of Game

If this doesn't help, it might be time to send in a ticket to Customer Support. The information you provide helps them find out what could be causing the issue. You can contact Customer Support by clicking on the green envelope to the right of the screen. Or if you're a Big Fish Game Club member, you can connect to Live Chatc

Hope this helps!


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