Exasperated about stupid goat

[Post New]by oceanloverOH on Oct 13, 09 6:05 PM
I have caught the goat with the blue collar in Rocky Path and taken him aaaaall the way back to Festina (THREE TIMES!) but he's not with me when I get to Festina. It takes me hours of wandering around and backtracking to get through that freaking swamp to Festina. I'm ready to put my foot through my computer. HELP!

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Re:Exasperated about stupid goat

[Post New]by Dysgal on Oct 13, 09 6:16 PM
Are you sure you have caught it? Is it on your items list?

SPOILER ahead!!!

That particular goat is fond of cheese, so the best is for you to have some with you before interacting with it! You might have to progress further in the game before getting it.

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Re:Exasperated about stupid goat

[Post New]by oceanloverOH on Oct 13, 09 6:41 PM
No....the 3rd time, I caught it, but when I checked my items list it wasn't there. Thanks, I'll try again after I find some cheese.

OK, I FINALLY found the kid with the umbrella, the pillar of strength, and the back door to the Rocky Path. I found the cheese in the Refuge.

Thank you!

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