level 75

[Post New]by coggie332 on Oct 13, 09 6:13 PM
Please someone tell how to get through this. I do fine till I open the door and then they all come out and get me before they go thru the door. What do I do.

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Re:level 75

[Post New]by nelliegemini on Oct 19, 09 2:40 AM
I've just rediscovered this game, fun isn't it!

On level 75, I grab the key, go up the ladder and let the pirates out, scoot down, grab the door, then up the right hand short ladder, open the door on the top of the ladder and hop over to the stone ledge on the right of the ladder. The pirates then all go away!

I'm afraid there is no trick, it's just a luck/fast finger thing - it took me a lot of 'lives' to get it right.

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