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Level 5-5

[Post New]by Reesmom on Oct 15, 09 10:47 AM
I am having the worst time with this level, does anyone have any tips on how to beat it? I can't seem to get more than 1400 of the 1800 needed. I would appreciate any help someone can give.


Re:Level 5-5

[Post New]by Jestmint on Mar 26, 11 12:20 PM
If this is the 'teenagers and thieves' level, I have the tips. By now, you should have everything upgraded. If so, this will be quite easy. Constantly keep everything full, and, when you find you have nothing to fill, keep your mouse hovered over the security officer. By doing this, it is easier and quicker to stop the thieves. this will save you tons of money in case they manage to steal some.
Another tip that I like to do, is click on the thumb for super shopping. Stand next to one stand and when someone begins taking things, constantly stock the shelf over and over. This will make the customer continue picking up things until the timer wears off. It will bring in mega bucks.
Hope this helps to anyone.


Re:Level 5-5

[Post New]by angel85qcca on Apr 12, 12 11:24 AM
I had a really hard time with this level too. The trick is you have to let the thieves steal, and then catch them as they're laughing. This will give you the extra money you need to complete the level. I didn't even click the super shopper button (but you should if you want the expert level)

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